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The Retreat has now closed permanently. We had a wonderful time running the space and meeting such a diverse group of people, but it is time to move on to other things. Thank you to all our guests for bringing your beautiful energy here.  

Whilst we were renovating we found out the interesting history of our home: that it was previously called Cerrig Llwyddion, which translates to English as “Bluestones”. We found an historical account from the 17th century which mentions a burial chamber somewhere on the land, though it’s exact location is lost. In this area they were built from blue/grey stone from the nearby Preseli Hills, as was Stonehenge. Because of this we chose to give back it’s name, although the farmhouse still keeps it’s name of Blaengilfach.


Cerrig Llwyddion is the name we have given to the Barn. The whole retreat centre comprises the Barn,Cottage, Bunkhouse, Yurt and Studio, this we have named The Welsh Retreat.

Our smallholding is nestled in a peaceful valley; the Nant Bargoed (river) runs it’s boundries , buzzards and kites fly overhead. There is a special energy here, that attracts calm and a sense peace and freedom. The land is home to our rescue pigs, with delightful characters, cats and dogs ; plus numerous wildlife such as owls, badgers, rabbits and squirrels.


The property was a working farm, we have records dating back to 17th Century. When we came here in 2000, jaded from city living, we fell in love with the embracing calm and the beauty of the woods and river.

Today, the smallholding comprises our farmhouse with the cottage attached; across the yard is the renovated barn; in front of which is the meadow with levelled areas for yoga or camping. Paths from the meadow lead down through the woods to the river.

Feel free to share the land and allow it’s warmth to embrace. If you wish to sit around the bonfire and watch the stars at night, we will provide the wood. If you wish to have a group of friends to gather and need a place to dance, we will provide the space. If you need quiet and solitude we will be out of your way.

Woods at Cerrig Llwyddion

Nant Bargoed

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